Jessica Tomer of Careers and Colleges recently interviewed the DEC Network about our take on summer jobs, internships and volunteer service.  Anybody who knows our company’s mission, understands the passion we feel toward encouraging students to get an early jumpstart on exploring potential careers. If you’re interested in medicine, shadow your pediatrician, intern at the cancer unit of Norwalk Hospital or work for the North Salem EMT. What about teaching? Apply to be a counselor at Camp Playland, volunteer at Superkids or try being an assistant in the classroom at East Ridge Middle School. Perhaps you’re a budding journalist. Get an internship at the Danbury Times, freelance at Ridgefield Magazine or create your own blog. Opportunities like these allow you to try out a particular field and gain valuable insight on what works for you or what might not. And, words to the wise…for rising seniors, what you did last summer is a very common question on applications or during interviews. Colleges are looking for students who distinguish themselves through their choices to learn and discover. Read more about our suggestions on summer opportunities at

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