Colleges around the nation have moved to remote learning, cancelled campus activities and sporting events, and limited access for research projects. What about the Fall semester? Any plans to attend college for the first time or to return to campus again are up in the air as schools wrestle with the ramifications of Covid-19. Some are already stating that they will be open for fall, but with variations on the type of learning that will take place. Students on campus would take part in a combination of online and classroom teaching, or at home participating in virtual learning. Other colleges are considering a January 2021 start date.

Important: Stay in touch with your college administration to learn about decisions on both learning and financial impacts. This will help you decide what’s best for your future education and overall investment.

The Chronicle of Education has posted a link that gives information about college decisions on the Fall semester. It’s important to note their current action may be subject to changes due to the unknown surrounding the effects of Covid-19.

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