Part I- Students

A fresh start awaits thousands upon thousands of students as they launch the new year at high schools and colleges. A list of Healthy Habits has been compiled by the DEC Network team.

1. Get your sleep.
Understand your own body clock.
2. Eat well.
Grab those fruits and veggies to combat illness.
3. Stay true to yourself.
Don’t ever compromise on core values.
4. Choose friends wisely.
Who you associate with often defines you.
5. Organize your academic life.
Create appropriate class schedules.
6. Maintain optimal study skills.
Use assignment books, set up routine study schedules.
7. Find the perfect study location.
Pick a spot away from distractions.
8. Advocate for yourself.
Seek help from teachers, counselors and administrators.
9. Think long term.
Meet regularly with guidance/career resources.
10. Have Fun.
Combine hardwork with physical and social activities.
11. Stay connected with parents.
Mom and Dad are your fiercest advocates.

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