The Chronicle of Higher Education features the fabulous new Student Center at Curry College.  How timely!  My visit on Wednesday to this small, liberal arts school close to Boston left me with a similar “wow” factor.  The state of the art facility (opened in 2009) includes a marketplace/dining area, gym, quiet room, fitness center, sports cafe, game room, chapel and much more.  Not surprising, the warmth and vibrancy of this environment extended over to the Admissions Office.  Liz Marsden presented an enthusiastic campus summary, emphasizing Curry’s pervasive philosophy:  to provide a personalized approach to the academic, social and cultural experience of each student.  No where is this more apparent than through the Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL).  Over forty years strong, and recognized globally for its excellence, PAL offers topnotch assistance to students with a primary diagnosis of a language based learning disability and/or AD/HD.  Visit Curry to see first hand the state of the art facilities and to hear more about the personalized programs. Register at

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