This month’s DEC Network newsletter features an important article on how to earn college credits before you officially enter the campus gates. “Taking college classes while in high school is becoming more popular as students see financial as well as admission advantages to earning college credit before starting college. While community college courses may be more expensive than taking the $87 AP exam, they provide a relatively low-cost way to earn college credit. Some students take college courses during the summer, while others take a college course during the school year. In some areas, community college courses are offered at the high school, making it easy for students to take a college class right after school.” Ridgefield High School offers a college level English course with credit through the University of Connecticut. Other students are taking classes online, an increasingly popular option across many school districts. The article continues with the important point, “Students who have taken several college
courses while in high school may start college with enough credits to graduate a
semester, or in some cases, a year early”. Good news for Mom and Dad. Read more about early college credit qualification by signing up for the DEC Network newsletter at

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