As part of the NACAC conference, we’ll be touring three college campuses over the course of our stay in the area. First up, Colorado College – a small, highly selective liberal arts school located in Colorado Springs. Picture this… a beautiful “green” campus set amidst the Pikes Peak region with friendly students and not surprisingly, the highly popular Outdoor Recreation club. In addition to hiking, biking, snowboarding, rafting and more, over 75% of the students participate in intramural sports and 80% are active in the arts scene including use of the newest green building on campus, the Gaylord Cornerstone Arts Center. CC is unique in its approach to academics with the innovative Block Plan. With eight three and a half blocks per year, students sign up for only one class at a time, completely immersing themselves in both classroom and experiential learning opportunities. Classes are capped at 25 with an average class size of 16. Students spend three hours of flexible class time five days per week for a period of approximately three weeks. With four days off between blocks, CC kids take advantage of the 300 plus sunny days in Colorado. Read more at

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