The third and final visit during my Colorado stay included a trip to the University of Denver (DU), still abuzz with the excitement of hosting the first presidential debate. A busy, friendly and beautiful environs, Denver prides itself on offering an expansive range of academic areas to choose amidst state of the art facilities. In their words, “Head to the Meyer-Womble Observatory to track the orbits of asteroids through the highest-altitude telescope in the United States. Develop marketing plans for sustainable businesses in Costa Rica. Advance your degree in an emerging field like nanotechnology or video game design.” With over 5,000 students, the 125 acre campus with national arboretum status is located at the the foot of the Rocky Mountains (7 miles from downtown Denver), offering a plethora of both outdoor and city adventures. The school is also rich in athletic spirit (DI) and cultural/social activities ranging from Greek Life to Habitat for Humanity. Recent average admit rates of incoming freshman include a 3.74 GPA, SAT range of 1220 to 1500 and an ACT of 28. Students admitted to DU are on average, in the top 25 % of the class (50% in the top 10% of their graduating high school class). Read more at.

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