Add a human component to your application. Let your personality come alive not only in words but also in actions. As noted by a recent quote in US News & World Report from the National Association For College Admission Counseling (NACAC), “For the last five years, we have noticed a distinct tendency for the colleges to attribute more weight or emphasis to an applicant’s interest in attending a school”. What to do? Visit the campus, attend information sessions/open houses, take student tours, schedule interviews, go to college fairs, communicate with the admissions office and more. What about the optional interview? I couldn’t agree more with David Marcus, author of Acceptance, on his advisement to take advantage of the optional interview when offered by a school. Now more than ever, colleges are looking for sincere applicants in order to maximize student enrollment percentages amidst budgetary woes. If you have found a fabulous match, show your passion by demonstrating interest.

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