Are you interested in learning more about engineering? You’re not alone. Science and math students extraordinaire are flocking toward this field in record numbers given the positive news about future career trends within the industry. Why not take advantage of hands on learning with seasoned engineering professors and professionals. And, with engineering covering several areas, you can discover if aeronautical, mechanical, civil, or perhaps biomedical direction is right for you.

Early exploration of potential career interests brings you closer to understanding what makes you happy and fulfilled. Since an educational plan can be a long process and expensive venture, the minimal time and investment in enrichment is well worth the long term return. Even if you ascertain that you don’t like engineering, think about how much future angst you prevented (not to mention $) by avoiding applying to college and starting on an engineering track. You gain new information about yourself and that is worth every penny. You can even earn college credit.

What to choose? Several DEC Network clients have given the thumbs up to Lead America which offers programs on the East and West Coast. Spend nine days on the campus of Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering from July 7-16, working on team engineering problems, building robots, and more . The price is set at just under $3,000 which covers room, board and program content. Check it out at

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