Welcome to 2011! A new decade filled with promise for all. And, with the turn of the calendar and the start of the year, fresh anticipation arises for the college and career bound. Whether you’re searching for the ideal campus or perfect job, don’t leave home without it; your backpack or briefcase filled with the necessary contents to prosper.  I’m not just talking about a polished application or resume, or the latest iPhone or notepad, or even a Starbucks Gold card. Instead, let’s talk about the DEC Network top five essentials: energy, focus, attitude, discipline, and humor. Not one is more important than the other. So, with the launch of the New Year and the ensueing lists of resolutions, set your goals to include the top five. Your percentage chance of success in anything you approach increases markedly with these closeby. The DEC Network sends you its best wishes as you explore the exciting opportunities ahead. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any education and career guidance you may need throughout this year.

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