The wrath of Hurricane Irene has been felt by 100% of Ridgefield’s population as well as many of the surrounding towns. No working plumbing, cold food in the fridge, or adequate light after 8:30PM? Why not take a trip to those colleges on your list that you just didn’t make it to this summer? Let’s face it…the novelty of camping has lost its luster. So, with Ridgefield High School’s start date re-scheduled for next week, you’ve bought some time to not only fine tune summer AP work but also visit additional campuses. You need a hotel room and restaurant food anyway. And, since fall will be busy with academics, college apps, homecoming and the like, take advantage of this gift of time to travel. I especially recommend the Ohio region which includes Miami of Ohio, Denison University, College of Wooster, Oberlin College, Kenyon College, Ohio Weselyan University and the list goes on. Many clients delay Ohio due to hesitations about the Midwest lifestyle or the prospect of a ten hour drive to America’s Heartland. Trust me, you’ll be more than impressed with the friendly people, campus opportunities, nearby city life while at the same time pampered from the comforts of a warm meal, hot shower and air conditioned room at the nearby hotels.

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