The college application season for most future members of the Class of 2015 ends tomorrow with the May 1 deposit due date. However, don’t think you’re off the hook with college planning. There’s still work to be done; important work. And, the time and energy that you put in now, may have a profound effect on how you transition to college. Here are three important action plans to ensure a decent night’s sleep, GPA and social life in the fall. 1) Take advantage of finding your roommate through various match systems offered through the college. Incoming Miami University of Ohio freshman, for example, are currently reaching out to each other through social media to find that perfect roomie. 2) Orientation programs for many colleges start early and with them, curriculum planning for first semester. Choose courses that you have the best shot at doing well in versus jumping into the toughest requirements; you’ll have enough to adjust to during those first few months of school on top of trying to ace the dreaded Calculus or Organic Chem. 3) Sign up for pre-orientation programs which run the gamut of community service to outdoor adventure. You’ll really get to know some great friends even before the first official day of school.

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