Anybody traveling on a major highway over the past few days or week has seen the common site- cars packed to the ceiling with parents and fresh faced 18 year olds scrunched amongst piles of boxes, suitcases, comforters, bikes and so much more. Bed N Bath has been completely cleaned out for yet another season. And, with goodbyes said to siblings, significant others, pets, and best friends, college freshman are anxiously awaiting their exciting destinations. Colleges have extremely well thought out progams to orient students to campus and ready parents for the final farewell.  Yet, here are some reflections for the Class of 2015 with their launch into official independence..

  • Get involved in as many activities on campus as you can handle; an easy way to meet new friends.
  • Choose courses/disciplines that you’re naturally strong in for the first semester; an easy way to start college with a strong GPA.
  • Understand that your roommates may not be your best friends, but respect them with same respect you expect from them.
  • Manage your time wisely.
  • Include healthy meals in your diet; avoid the health center and the dreaded “freshman 15”.
  • Get adequate sleep; invest in earplugs.
  • Plan for academics first with a healthy balance of social and cultural interests. 
  • Get to know your professors right away; you may luck-out with a homemade meal.
  • Don’t be afraid to use student resources- tutors, librarians,  career counselors, and health staff are happy to help.
  • Try a dance class, travel to Argentina, study Chinese, apply for internships.
  • Call home as Mom and Dad will be waiting.
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