Over the years, I have had the honor to witness first-hand the success of Ridgefield, A Better Chance (RABC). As part of a national organization, RABC offers educationally disadvantaged girls from around the United States the choice to enter into a supportive living and learning environment. Since its inception, our community program has mentored and educated thirty seven highly talented young women. One hundred percent of the Ridgefield ABC scholars have been admitted to a college and/or university as well as continued on with professional and graduate degrees. Where have they headed? The respected list includes Columbia, Michigan, Penn, Wellesley, Swarthmore, Colgate, Tufts, Smith, and Carnegie Mellon. And, with this achievement, these motivated now independent women have been launched into higher education, ready to set a continued path of unlimited opportunity for themselves and their families. Finding the right educational path for girls regardless of their background is one of the priorities of the DEC Network. Learn more about RABC at www.ridgefieldabc.org.

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