Students are heading in droves to college, some for the first time and others back to campus to resume their studies. At different points  during  their college career, most kids learn the hard way that poor nutrition, lack of sleep and no exercise is a formula for disaster when it comes to staying healthy. And this year, as noted in The New York Times, staying healthy is especially on the minds of college administrators and parents alike due to the Swine Flu epidemic.  In a survey conducted by the American College Health Association, over 2,000 cases of the Swine Flu (H1N1 virus) have been reported on campuses across the US. What are colleges doing to protect their students? Several schools such as DavidsonEmory, and Carnegie Mellon have set up quarantined quarters for infected kids suffering from body chills, high fever and aches & pains.  “A typical stay lasts two to four days. Students check out after going 24 hours without a fever or medication, although technically they may leave at any time.”  Since the virus is highly contagious, colleges are wise to head off the major disruption in campus activities including prospective student open houses that a widespread breakout would certainly lead to. Email opinions on how your school is responding to the Swine Flu epidemic and or if any campus visits have been cancelled given posted flu outbreaks.

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