Most of our client families are now settled into public and private institutions, high schools and colleges, graduate and certificate programs, Gap and Bridge opportunities in areas all over the world. Students are experiencing their Fulbrights, signed onto Teach for America and so much more.

The positive buzz is contagious as traditional and non-traditional students alike begin with fresh anticipation. How to keep this positive energy alive longer than the usual first few weeks? Stay connected. Stay connected with family, peers, teachers, counselors. Stay connected with clubs, athletics, philanthropy, the arts. Stay connected with New Media.

Connections are what keep us moving forward in a healthy and successful manner. Use all of your resources, human and other to maximize individual experiences for this new year. Making these connections is not always easy, so we’re here to help you to ensure that you move forward in the best way possible.

Take advantage of all that we have to offer including office, phone and skype consultations. Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, comment on our blog posts, join us on LinkedIn. Sign up for our monthly newsletter. Everyday, we are talking about the latest in educational and career topics. Everyday, we emphasize communication and offer our professional expertise as a service to our client community throughout the nation.

Stay connected with us.

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