November 1 deadlines for early action and early decision have taken on a new dimension for many college bound students in our area. There’s not just the final push of trying to finetune applications for submission tomorrow, but now the added stress of exactly how these applications will be submitted. Many families in Connecticut are without power and internet. The end is not near with local leaders claiming that power outages could last for up to one week. School is cancelled. So, if you’re one of those procrastinators who thought you would just spend a quick review of apps and then an easy submit at the last minute, think again. Your job has just morphed into a daunting task. What to do with no power at home and the looming deadlines? Several students are being creative and finding internet access to finish applications at local Starbucks, the Danbury Mall, parent offices, friends’ homes and more. Camaraderie is being discovered in the form of shared power cords and outlets. Some colleges are sympathetic to the storm application havoc. Marist and UPenn have adjusted their early deadlines. Words to the wise, don’t wait. You never know what kind of strange weather pattern is around the corner. Get to Starbucks.

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