Spring continues to be a popular time for requests to speak to collegebound students. My presentation goals are outlined in an earlier post but there’s one additional point to make. “Live your high school days”-  a mantra I repeat over and over whether addressing community groups or advising DEC NETWORK clients. Work hard in the classroom, stay committed to key activities, enjoy friendships and family.  A healthy high school experience combined with smart steps toward education and career goals translates into a happier, more confident collegebound student. Andy Rooney reminded me of the importance of this message last night on 60 Minutes. Andy’s delivery can often be short and sarcastic, yet always with a point well made. In this segment, Andy tells us that too often our focus is on the future without taking full advantage of living in the moment… Right on, Andy. Translation:  families need a healthy balance of living for today while planning for tomorrow.   Whether my words or Andy’s, keep this important message close to heart with regard to your college search.

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