Aspiring Doctors-  Hear the Call!  The recent passage of the health care bill opens the door for future physicians, especially those interested in primary care medicine. Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal highlights an Association of American Medical College’s statistic- primary care doctors total 352,908 now with an expected shortfall of 45,000 by 2020. General practioners, internists, pediatricians and family physicians will be busy healing the sick of the newly insured. How are medical schools responding? Innovative curriculum, increased residency slots, and larger med school classes are some of the new directions . And, with the critical need of expanded care combined  with the escalating costs of education, colleges are creating shorter programs to get talent out into the medical field more quickly and with less debt. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine ( recently announced  the first three year medical degree: Family Medicine Accelerated Track. Read more on the changing landscape of the medical field at

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