Wait List Status- not a position aspiring college freshmen expect to find themselves in at the end of their college search. However, with more colleges reporting higher wait list numbers, that’s exactly where you’ll discover a portion of the Class of 2014.  A simple check in the “No” category is easy enough for students moving in another direction. Yet, for those determined to stay the course, remain proactive in your pursuit. By now, you’ve already sent back the signed card and written a letter not only touting your recent academic/ extracurricular accomplishments but also why the school is a fabulous fit. Third quarter grades are on their way along with a possible new teacher recommendation. Don’t stop there. Contact your admissions rep directly to schedule an interview or phone conversation. Find out about wait list notification dates, numbers and more. And, if relevant,  let the admissions staff know that if accepted, you will attend the particular college. How will a wait list notification play out? In some cases, you’ll first receive a letter of acceptance. In others, don’t be surprised if you receive a “Welcome to Our University” call after normal business hours with the expectation of your final decision within a very short timeframe. And, if an offer for summer admittance is the only route, think it over carefully. A difficult decision for many students, yet if your dream school comes a calling, remember that you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy sunshine and the beach over the course of your lifetime.  Although some colleges are very clear about the extremely small percentage of students that eventually get accepted from a wait list, there are others that draw extensive numbers.  Note that most schools will have an active wait list after the May 1, 2010 deposit deadline. Remember that you must deposit at a college that has accepted you by this date to secure a spot in the freshman class. If you ultimately choose to accept a position from a school’s wait list after this date, you will forfeit your deposit. Check out Jacques Steinberg’s recent article in the New York Times on wait list stats- http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/14/education/14waitlist.html?ref=education

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