College of Wooster is on the move! Meetings with President, Grant Cornwell as well as Dean of Admissions, Cezar Mesquita affirmed just that. The Class of 2014 greatly surpassed admissions targets, setting records in not only deposits but also in overall academic strength. As a member of the elite Colleges that Change Lives, Wooster continues to walk the talk of a deeply collaborative community of students and faculty.  U.S. News and World Report ranks Wooster as being among the Top Ten colleges (#5) in the country distinguished for excellence in undergraduate teaching with Carleton, Davidson, Grinnell, Williams, and Oberlin. Other accomplishments include: 1) #7 in the country for producing Ph.D.’s in the sciences, 2) tied for 10th in the nation as a liberal arts college that produces students for Teach for America (tied with Middlebury and Wesleyan), and 3) cited by the NCAA of having the highest graduation rate in the nation for student-athletes at liberal arts colleges (tied with Colby). In the words of President Cornwall, “we have also taken a couple of giant steps forward in becoming a more environmentally sustainable campus through strategies that will also help us be more financially sustainable.  One is to install the largest solar roof on any campus in the country on the new “Scot Center”, the athletics and recreation facility we are building, which will be Wooster’s first LEEDS certified building. We are also investing $5 million in building renovations and systems upgrades that will reduce our carbon footprint by 36%”. What about diversity? The college recently opened the Center for Diversity and Global Engagement which will serve U.S. students of color and international students (Class of 2014, 25%), as well as operate as a think tank for future policy development. With a stately, innovative campus and a fun downtown area close by, College of Wooster students are active in extracurriculars, internships, research and more…”independent minds working together”. Go to www. to learn more about this gem of a school.

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