The Great Ohio/ Indiana Tour began yesterday with IECA colleagues, Susan Sykes and Becky Grappo. Over the next seven days, our travels will take us to twelve colleges and universities varying in size, culture, and selectivity. Our first stop, Denison University- a small, liberal arts college with an undergraduate population of over 2,200. A pretty hillside campus with a view of Ohio valleys and the quaint village of Granville, Denison offers students a rigorous academic experience combined with DIII athletics, Greek life, numerous clubs, internships and study abroad (over 50% participate). Facilities such as the student center, math, and arts buildings are all state of the art, and Denison is currently undergoing plans for a 2012 launch date of a fabulous, new athletic facility. The visit highlight:  grabbing lunch with a DEC Network “graduate” to learn all about his first year experience as part of the Class of 2014. The benefits of an educational consultant are many but most rewarding are these words, “I love it here”. And, that’s exactly what this young man conveyed as he spoke of amazing new friendships, challenging coursework, Varsity swimming and so much more. Next on the roadmap, Kenyon College, another small (1,700), liberal arts school heralded by Forbes as the most beautiful campus in the US, and rightly so. Bev Morse, Associate Dean of Admission gave us an update on what’s new on campus including an amazing athletic center (DIII sports) as well as a continued focus on literary excellence (prevalent in all areas of study).  Kenyon boasts a 92% med school placement rate, 13 Fulbright Scholarship winners, and  holds one of the highest percentages of graduates heading to the Peace Corps and Teach for America.  Our visit coincided with an age old tradition at Kenyon- Matriculation Day. Freshman place theirJohn Hancock within a revered black book, permanently marking their presense as a matriculant.  For more information on both schools, go to, respectively.

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