Don’t leave any stone unturned. Go to the website of each college on your list to be absolutely clear on current admissions requirements related to high school curriculum, standardized tests, interviews, teacher/counselor recommendations, admissions options and deadlines. Depending on other sources can be a big mistake. Colleges may institute a new requirement smack dab in the middle of an admissions cycle. Or, in the case of Harvard and Georgetown, a long time standardized test requirement has been changed for this year yet will the vast college internet resource data base  be updated in a timely fashion? (three subject tests are no longer required).  To stay organized (and sane!), mark the requirements of each school on an Excel spreadsheet and review as you fine tune your admissions timeline checklist. And, remember: colleges vary with regard to policy on all of these areas regardless of their selectivity level. Don’t expect the Ivies, for example, to be in sync with their requirements.

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