Less than two weeks ago, I wrote about the importance of checking college websites with the following caveat: admissions requirements could change at any time for the  Class of 2015. Salve Regina University has kept me true to my word. The college has joined the ranks with 800 other schools to go test optional. Vice President of Enrollment, Laura McPhie Oliveira’s announcement echos the reasoning behind the decision of those already of like mind:  “Our research shows that the best predictor of academic success at Salve Regina is strong performance in a rigorous college preparatory program”.  What exactly does test optional mean? In most cases,  prospective applicants have the choice on whether or not to submit ACT or SAT standardized test scores.  A general rule  of thumb for making the decision(emphasis on general)- students with higher test scores than the colleges’s posted average admit numbers should choose to submit while those below should not. Keep in mind that there are always exceptions to this rule. And, what about test optional parameters? Yes, the definition of test optional  can vary among colleges. In Salve’s case, for example, nursing and education majors (unlike other majors) must submit either the ACT or SAT. And, if a prospective applicant is vying for academic scholarship $, test scores are required at Salve Regina as well as many universities across the nation. To find out specifics on Salve Regina or a complete list of test optional schools, go to www.salve.edu and www.fairtest.org, respectively.

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