Are you looking for a top rated engineering school in New England? Look no further than Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), the third oldest private technological university in the US (after Johns Hopkins and NY Polytechnic). WPI houses 3,537 undergraduate students with a campus location in urban Worcester, Massachusetts alongside 12 other colleges. Along with its excellent engineering programs, WPI prides itself on what’s called the WPI Plan- the Project Program for junior and senior year. The Interactive Project, for example, calls for a team of students to study the impact of science and technology across disciplines and often involves a project location off campus. In addition to its unique program of study, WPI’s academic calendar includes four quarters, each totaling seven weeks. Students take no more than three classes per term. And, for those concerned about standardized testing, WPI is test optional. What about rankings? The Admissions Office reports the following: WPI ranks No. 6 among all national universities for average starting salary by The National Survey of Student Engagement ranks the school first for student-faculty interaction.The Princeton Review ranks WPI in the top 20 for Happiest Students. To read more, go to

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