April is synonomous with taxes for most Americans, but in terms of high school juniors, the month is aligned with Spring Break journies to campuses around the nation. An often overlooked action item on your campus visit checklist- introduce yourself to your admissions rep…the person the college assigns to read applications from your geographic region. He or she is responsible for representing the school, answering your questions and yes, perhaps serving as the gatekeeper to your application. If you’re excited about the school, let your rep know. Send a quick thank you email when you return home, mentioning what you loved about the school. Understand that any demonstration of interest is key to your future admittance. You’ll most likely see your rep at future college fairs or high school visits, even for a formal interview, if required. Develop a relationship early on and nurture it so if College X is on your final list, your rep will be excited to see your application fall across the desk or on the computer screen- a familiar face among the thousands.

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