Class of 2012: Stay energized! Schools have released their responses. Your focus now is taking the right steps to ensure an optimal strategy related to final college decisions. If you’re in at your top choice school, congratulations. Your next steps include officially accepting, sending in a deposit and withdrawing all other applications. This last action item is extremely important, as a spot then opens up for anxiously awaiting students (maybe even your own peers). If you haven’t made your mind up, make sure to attend Accepted Student’s Day. Colleges roll out the red carpet to woo the best and the brightest. You’ll experience first hand campus vibe as well as catch a snapshot of your prospective peers. You’ll be able to check out the quality of teaching by attending classes. While with professors, don’t be afraid to ask questions about core curriculum and distribution requirements, and options within your prospective major for internships, scholarships, and fellowships. Find out how easy it is for you to study abroad. If you have a chance to stay overnight, do so. And, while you’re there, get to know as much about the social life on campus as possible. Which school ultimately is the right match? There may be several. Just keep in mind the following: your perspectives today may be different than tomorrow so think about long term education and career goals as you make the final decision. Your undergraduate experience should be a balance of academic challenge and social/cultural exploration. Your professors, your peers, your overall school community will help shape your future legacy and define a lifetime of networks. In the end, your decision may come down to a gut feeling more than anything you can quantify. Go with it.

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