Waitlisted! An unwelcome response for many students. Yes, the college is recognizing the applicant’s ability to be successful at their particular institution. Yet, students remain in the oh so close category of strong enough to be admitted (a positive!), but not yet in reach of the coveted words, Welcome to X University. What to do? Follow the directions of your letter from the admissions office which often includes sending in a wait list card. If the school remains a top choice, say so in an email and herald more recent achievements to your admissions rep. Forward any additional information that may strengthen your application such as recommendations. Don’t be afraid to ask your high school counselor to go to bat for you, if it makes sense. Bottom line, keep on the radar screen. Although there are no guarantees, at least when the dust settles, you’ll feel that you gave it your best shot. No doubt it’s grueling to keep going with the process, but you’ll never have to ask yourself, could have I been accepted if I just… One caveat: a shift in your waitlist status often comes with a carrot. Colleges will make a personal phone call to you with the good news, often with the offer contingent on your solid commitment to attend. And, here’s the tricky part; you may only have 24 hours or perhaps the weekend.

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