One final word on early admissions decisions: attitude. Don’t let the stress of a deferral or denial wear you down and fill your mind with “Bah, Humbug” thoughts through the holiday. With the marked increase in early apps, there can’t help but be a marked decrease in early acceptances which then translates into an increase in early disappointments. Stay positive. Yes, it’s perfectly normal to feel upset if you’re faced with some unsettling news. After all, for the past four years, you’ve taking the most challenging courses, achieved off-the-chart test scores, set a school record in varsity swimming,  and held a steady job at the local cafe. Didn’t the admissions stats indicate a clear match? Wasn’t the admissions rep enthusiastic during the interview? Bottom line…you are one of many intelligent and talented students that the admissions offices would want to admit. There just aren’t enough beds. Understand that this is one decision that ultimately will be in the hands of others. Don’t take it personally and don’t let this blip in the road slow you down. Take a few days to work through the anguish but set the gears for a new direction. Move on to Plan B and make sure you give it your best shot. Remember: there are not one, but several exciting opportunities for everyone applying to college.  Be a role model to your peers, siblings, and even parents by demonstrating your ability to make the best of this and any situation. You are in control of your destiny and the right attitude will carry you to places you never deemed possible.

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