Calling all High School and College Students

Here’s a suggestion for using your time wisely after the last of the holiday festivities are behind you: discover summer programs that are right for you. Did you know that there are a myriad of challenging and  enriching experiences depending on your interests? DEC Network clients have challenged themselves in academic coursework at Brown, American, Cornell, Maryland, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, Columbia, Miami, Furman, Williams, and Northwestern in subjects ranging from engineering, international studies, law, journalism, creative writing, forensics, neuroscience, medicine, and psychology. They’ve traveled beyond US borders to England, France, Costa Rica, China, Germany, Italy, and Argentina for community service as well as cultural and language immersion. They’ve volunteered or worked for local camps, parks & recreation departments, hospitals, animal shelters, nursing homes, and pre-schools. They’ve received certification in EMT, lifeguarding, childcare and safety. They’ve served as interns at law firms, hospitals, schools, corporations, magazines, newspapers and so much more. The world is your oyster. Take advantage of some down time during your vacation to study the vast opportunities out there for personal growth to match both your curiosity as well as your  budget. Where to start? Talk to friends and family about what’s available in their workplace. Study local Yellow Pages to tap listings of organizations. Go to websites such as and

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