Part II- Parents
The new school year is a reminder for parents that good habits are just as important for you as they are for your kids. The DEC Network has put together a list of healthy parental behaviors to foster success from their young academic scholars.

1. Encourage self-advocacy.
The sooner a student learns this life long skill, the better.
2. Support academic independence.
Avoid micro-managing your student’s life.
3. Promote strong study habits.
Emphasize the importance of doing well in school as a family value.
4. Create suitable study areas
Support an organized and distraction free space.
5. Don’t help with homework or projects.
Build diligence and self-confidence.
6. Prioritize extracurricular activities.
Avoid overscheduling; focus on depth versus breadth
7. Maintain some form of the family dinner.
Even 15 minutes a day together counts for something.
8. Get involved in appropriate parent activities.
Stay connected to understand fully what’s happening, e.g. PTSA, Parent Council, etc.
9. Be a parent, not a friend.
Your role is parenting; period.
10. Remain active with your own personal career, hobbies and more.
Set an example for your children and minimize an unhealthy focus on them.

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