Be prepared!  The DEC NETWORK Interview Pointers session lays a foundation for future interviews related to college admittance, scholarship applications, job interviews and much more. We’ve developed an effective 1.5 hour program to cover all aspects of the interviewing process. Topics covered include: Types of Interviews, Scheduling, What to Bring, Body Language, Resume Use, and  College/Company Website Prep. As part of the program, you’ll learn how to work from your resume to prepare for all interviews, both formal and informal. And, we’ll spend about 45 minutes of this valuable session with actual role playing. Not only will you practice how to effectively ace your answers but also how to develop the right kind of questions to impress your interviewer.  Your ultimate goal: to demonstrate a clear fit regardless of the type of opportunity. And, remember that the interview doesn’t end when you walk out of the door. Our Interview Pointers include several important tips on follow up communication.

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