As families prepare budgets to support college freshman heading off to campus, they prudently account for costs related to tuition, housing, food, books, supplies, travel and other living expenses. But one critical financial decision that is often overlooked is what to do about insurance coverage.  As noted by Aleksandra Todorova in the Wall Street Journal, “Reviewing your various insurance policies will not only protect your child at school but it may help you save cash, too”.  Health insurance coverage should remain the same (no added costs!) since students can be part of mom and dad’s policy through their early to mid 20’s in most states. However, coverage for dorm room contents, although part of your homeowner’s policy, may not be high enough for replacement purposes in the event of an unexpected loss of pricey items.  What about the frightening costs associated with escalating auto insurance premiums? Relax. Discounts on auto policies are usually available as the maturing teenage driver transitions to college. And, keeping your son or daughter on the family policy is likely to be less money than signing up for a separate policy.  So, make a date with your insurance man to support a carefully planned college budget.

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