In a recent New York Times Op-Ed, with humor and poignency, Maureen Dowd uses the “college roommate experience” to remind the incoming Class of 2014, “As you leave behind high school to redefine and even reinvent yourself as an adult, you need exposure to an array of different ideas, backgrounds and perspectives…” I couldn’t agree more! And, it doesn’t just begin and end with college. How many of us have shared a cramped one bedroom apartment with three others in New York or a similar city? We learn how to live together because in many cases, we simply have no choice. And, through this, we develop essential  interpersonal skills to navigate the workplace and more.  The most successful leaders in business, education, medicine, government or other career destinations are those that understand how to get along with others. Early lessons can be found within the college dorm room or later in a brownstone on the Lower EastSide. Go to to read more.

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