petersons_logo1College students are excitedly developing plans to travel outside the country for the traditional “junior year abroad”. As you make final decisions on programs, consider not only location, opportunity and duration, but also the importance of safety and reputation. The lure of an intriguing program’s culture located miles from civilization is intoxicating, yet not always set up to provide the best emergency response. The call during the middle of the night from a sick child thousands of miles away is unsettling, at best. Understand what type of medical assistance is available and consider taking out insurance policies to cover unexpected expenses brought on by illness. Be proactive and have a medical plan ready. Read more about preparing for study abroad and specifically “if you get sick” in Peterson’s The Insider’s Guide to Study Abroad. Immunization and health precautions for traveling students can be found at The U.S State Department ( and the Centers for Disease Control (

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