Princeton and Harvard have shifted back to offering Restrictive Early Action as a choice to prospective applicants beginning with the Class of 2016.  The single-choice Early Action option offers students the opportunity to apply to schools in the fall of senior year and receive college decisions usually by December. Unlike that of a close cousin-Early Decision, there is no binding commitment to attend. Stress free admissions? Not so fast. As noted in the Harvard Crimson, “While this practice does not require admitted students to attend, it does prohibit students from applying to other schools’ Early Action or Early Decision programs”. There are exceptions to these restrictions already in place by other universities with like minds. Stanford’s asterisk allows Restrictive Early Action applicants to also apply early to their state university; the right policy for families fearful of the daunting price tag of private education. Will Harvard and Princeton grant exceptions to their policy? I hope so. Read more at

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